My main purpose for creating this blog is to provide my social media network and potential employers with a digital portfolio of my work, interests, and résumé. I am currently a senior at the University of Oregon approaching graduation this June. My plans after graduation remain blanketed in a fog of grey questionability; however, as my future begins to materialize, it will be outlined on this blog.

Throughout the next couple of months, I intend to sculpt this blog into a fully functioning portfolio piece. You’ll find pages with my design, photo and video work featuring pieces that best represent my creative abilities. As far as my work experience, the blog will be continually updated to accommodate any and all campaign and planning work that I compose. The majority of my work will be hypothetical campaign created and performed in a class setting (and will be advertised as so); any real work will be posted and featured on my résumé page.

Some of the topics that interest me include— but are not limited to— media ethics, with an emphasis on studying ways to avoid unintentional online plagiarism,  and the differing qualities between working in an agency versus a corporation—focusing on the pros and cons of each. I intend to share my knowledge of these topics, as well as learning more for myself, as to what the public relations industry entails.  I will be featuring articles, blog posts, and other sources to aid in my blog work—all with proper citations back to the original content. Featuring outside work will help me form various opinions on topics in order to create a well-balanced archive of posts containing differing themes and viewpoints.

Readers will generally see at least one post per week, often more, and there will be updates to the blog regularly. I know I can post something that will catch any reader’s eye, so stay tuned. Communicate with me; I encourage any feedback that readers would like to provide me (see blog and comment policy on the “About Me” page). I hope you enjoy!