About Me


Hi there!IMG_3569

My name is Kelsey and I am a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in journalism in the focus of Public Relations and Communications. My first (and current) career opportunity post graduation was with URBN, Inc. as a Department Manager at their retail store, Urban Outfitters. At this job, I’ve developed a series of skills in business and product management as well as the necessary administrative and human resource tasks that accompany any retail management position.

I am currently in the market for career opportunities that will utilize both my experience and degree, and willing to take a chance on someone looking to branch out and learn new industries and programs. I am interested in a job that will test and develop my personal knowledge, allow my creative juices to flow, and be of indispensable value towards my future.

Blog Policy: All work that I post is that of my own, featuring my opinions, unless otherwise linked to or sourced. I allow any and all use of my work upon proper citing and linking back. All comments will be allowed–except those deemed inappropriate by myself.

Now, the REAL “About Me” 

  • Learned to ski at age 3 and switched to snowboarding at age 7. So, I’m pro. (nope.)
  • I find spoons everywhere. My car, bedroom, purse, backpack, pencil bag… you name it.
  • Strong passion for interior design and residential architecture. Anyone who knows me knows I spend most of my down days vegetating in front of HGTV.
  • Rock climbing, running, kayaking, and swimming: food for the soul.
  • Love to write and tell stories. (Although this is my professional blog, be warned that my personality often squeezes its way into the majority of my work).
  • Loud and proud ginger.



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